Advertising on video monitors in Lviv fixed-route taxis is an opportunity to clearly segment the audience, which is great for promoting goods or services that are geographically located within the chosen route. With small, in comparison with other types of outdoor placement, advertising in fixed-route taxis covers a huge audience.

    The average speed of movement in a modern big city is low, which implies a long stay of passengers in transport. With such a duration of contact, you can convey a significant amount of information, interest a potential client. A variety of advertising in fixed-route taxis, which can be used in conjunction with video advertising - the body, seats, covers, headrests - increase the likelihood of contact up to 100%.

    At the same time, the cost of travel in minibuses is higher than in public transport, and there are fewer preferential seats. Consequently, fixed-route taxi passengers belong to more solvent categories of the population.

    Benefits of advertising in fixed-route taxis in Lviv

    • huge audience every day;
    • the possibility of precise localization of advertising;
    • high frequency of repeated advertising contacts;
    • static contact and its duration;
    • low cost of contact;
    • positive perception (video does not interrupt your favorite TV show, does not look intrusive)

    In what cases advertising in fixed-route taxis in Lviv will be the most effective

    • brand promotion, increasing its awareness;
    • bringing a new product to market;
    • opening a new outlet within the route;
    • promotion of goods or services, the sale of which is carried out within the route;
    • advertising promotions, discounts or sales;
    • placement of information about exhibitions, presentations, concerts

    Our company provides a full range of services for the creation and placement of advertising in Lviv fixed-route taxis. We are always ready to advise you on any issues, choose the best route for advertising, assist in creating a convincing, effective video.

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