Video boards are large LED screens installed in places with large crowds or large traffic interchanges. The area of ​​the video board is usually from 12 to 18 square meters. Pre-recorded commercials are shown on the screen in a cyclical mode, and to capture the attention of the audience from time to time diluted with music or other content.

    Advantages of placing video ads
    There are two obvious advantages of advertising on video boards in Kharkiv. In it it is possible to use at the same time two such essential pluses, as:

    • characteristic of a large "exterior" visibility and unobtrusiveness;
    • dynamics, sound, content, typical of television advertising

    Unlike static billboards, such advertising media will allow you to easily, effectively and creatively show the object of advertising in motion, to evoke the right emotions. It should be noted that, in contrast to television advertising, which interrupts the broadcast of interesting programs or movies (and therefore annoying), advertising on video boards is perceived by the audience mostly positively.

    In what cases will advertising on Kharkiv's video boards be the most effective?

    • launching a new product or line of business;
    • use a video board as a pointer to a nearby store or nightclub;
    • advertising promotions, discounts or sales;
    • posting information about exhibitions, presentations, concerts

    Our company provides a full range of services for the creation and placement of advertising on Kharkiv video boards. We are always ready to advise you on any issues, choose the optimal place for advertising, make a media plan and help create a convincing, effective video. And after the placement we will check the timely appearance of advertising according to the media plan.

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    Advertising at the gas station in Kharkiv

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